Out Bound Travel insurance Abu Dhabi

Whether your travel purpose is business, study or leisure, a worry free and hassle free vacation is what all tourists dream of. It’s an unspoken desire of all tourists to have a pleasant experience in their holiday destination. Whether your admiring the domes of Sheikh Zayed Mosque or petting camels in the camel Market in Abu Dhabi, don’t allow any unexpected events to flop your plans or even worse stain them with horrible incidents. Getting an outbound travel insurance will give you peace of mind while you enjoy the happening attractions of Abu Dhabi.

Leave all your worries behind with Desert World’s out bound travel insurance Abu Dhabi while you enjoy your vacation tasting the flavors of Abu Dhabi. We provide protection for you, your family, your belongings and all that’s related to you. In case of an emergency, our 24/7 alarm center will provide you with immediate medical assistance.

In situations as such, we can assist you and prevent you from ruining the wonderful memories of your trip to Abu Dhabi.

In the case of theft, damage or loss of baggage or personal belongings, the charges will be covered after deducting the charge for depreciation. If your passport is lost while travelling, the cost of replacing will be covered.

Desert World’s diverse range of insurance packages, will provide you protection during your vacation whether you’re travelling alone or with family and friends. Our travel insurance plans and benefits will take the worry off your mind and allow you to get the best out of your holiday in Abu Dhabi. Don’t hesitate to get yourself and your belongings covered with us. It’s you that benefits, not us!