About Desert World

Desert World Abu Dhabi is a paramount Destination Management Company which was established in 2009. Our main objective was to contribute to the development of UAE by bringing in enough business in to the United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi to assist in supporting Abu Dhabi’s vision for 2030.
Your one-stop shop when considering a holiday in Abu Dhabi, Desert World offers the best services when it comes to desert tours. We are the proud owner of a desert camp in the middle of Al Khatim desert with fleets of desert vehicles and dedicated safari drivers that are the building block of a memorable and mind blowing desert experience. Desert World has a catering section under its wing that provides various menus with delicious cuisines to majority of the desert camps in the Abu Dhabi desert.
Our accomplished network of accommodation providers within Abu Dhabi allows us to offer our customers with pocket-friendly rates, be it for individual lodging or group lodging. We combine this with our strong relationship with our suppliers and we are blessed with a strong voice in the United Arab Emirates. Even though we specialize in desert tours, we put our sweat and blood in providing out of the ordinary tours in the city as well. Some of the most unique and highly ordered experiences we offer are private desert dinners and the desert wedding, which is like a scene out of an Arabian fairytale.
We listen to the desires of your heart to provide you with a heart-warming experience in Abu Dhabi.