Travel Insurance Abu Dhabi

For a hassle free stay in the United Arab Emirates, Desert World joined hands with AXA gulf to provide our customers with Abu Dhabi travel insurance facilities. Getting a travel insurance for Abu Dhabi can assist in compensating any emergency medical expenses or any belongings you might misplace while travelling. Doing this ensures safety and provides protection for those travelling to Abu Dhabi. This article will give you more insight into the details of travel insurance.

What is Covered When you get a Travel Insurance for Abu Dhabi?

Travel insurance covers the following classifications:

  • Cancellation of trip
  • Travel medical
  • Inadvertent death/flight accident

Insurance for Trip Cancellation

This type of insurance covers for any cancellations, interruptions or delays in your trip to Abu Dhabi. There are many acceptable reasons, however, these are the typical ones:

  • Injuries or sickness
  • Unexpected conflicts in business
  • Delay in issue of visa or passport
  • Changes in weather
  • Change of mind

Insurance for Medical While Travelling

This covers the cost of the medical procedures that need to be performed on the policy holder because of any injury or illness during travel to Abu Dhabi. Obtaining an Abu Dhabi travel insurance will compensate for any medical charges, assist in finding doctors or hospitals while you’re visiting Abu Dhabi.

Insurance for Inadvertent Death or Flight Accident

This type of insurance is similar to life insurance and pays a sum to the traveler’s existing inheritors in the event of an accident that results in death or severe injury.

Why should you opt for Travel Insurance?

If you are confused on whether to get a travel insurance for Abu Dhabi, sit and ponder on certain questions that will take you one step closer to your answer.

  • Are you willing to take part in any type of extreme sport while in Abu Dhabi?
  • Are you willing to take part in any type of extreme sport while in Abu Dhabi?
  • In case you or your travel companions fall sick, will you be able to cover the charges for medical?