10 Top Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi in Your next Holiday


Are you someone struggling to select your next holiday destination? Look no further, in this post we’ll show you why you should visit Abu Dhabi in your next holiday.
Even though Abu Dhabi is perfect for a luxury getaway, there is much more reason to visit Abu Dhabi that doesn’t need to break your bank.
From harsh desert, profound nature, modest architectural brilliance to hundreds of years of Islamic cultural splendour, Abu Dhabi is a city that offers something for everyone regardless of your age and your interests.

Why visit Abu Dhabi?

Reason #1. Desert


The top reason to visit Abu Dhabi is the mind blowing desert with stunning sand landscapes. Explore the Abu Dhabi desert just the way you want in an Abu Dhabi desert safari.
A visit to Abu Dhabi doesn’t take more than a minute to make you fall in love with the desert.
Go sand dune bashing, sand boarding, quad bike rides and experience the life in the desert. To complete your desert adventure watching a sunset on the western horizon overlooking the golden sand landscape is a must.

Reason #2. It’s for everyone


Whether you are travelling solo or with your friends or with your family or you are on a business trip Abu Dhabi has something to offer you. It doesn’t matter you are a senior citizen or a parent with small kids, you will never get board during your visit to Abu Dhabi.

Reason #3. Attractions


The historical and modern day attractions of the city is another big reason to visit Abu Dhabi in your next holiday. While the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque showcases the rich Islamic culture of the city, Ferrari world screams the modern day luxury of Abu Dhabi. Whether it’s theme parks, mosques, zoos or cultural villages you are looking for you can enjoy them all in your visit to Abu Dhabi.

Reason #4. Rich culture


Though Abu Dhabi is an oasis of modernity, the city still owns a rich and glamorous culture that is well preserved. With a mix of different nationalities and cultures, Abu Dhabi is a city that offers you a unique culture embedded with strong Islamic traditions that presents unforgettable experiences for travellers all around the world. – Which is another great reason to visit Abu Dhabi.

Reason #5. Skyline


The constantly changing panorama of the city’s skyline with different shapes and sizes of skyscrapers is a sight unique to Abu Dhabi and doesn’t second to no city in the world. Visit Abu Dhabi and witness some of the tallest and strangest architectural wonders of the modern world.

Reason #6. Lavish Hotels


The fleet of stylish hotels, filled with glitz and glamour featuring architectural magnificence is another top notch reason for you to visit Abu Dhabi. From splendid hotels floating on the man-made Yas islands, stunning beach front resorts to palace like hotels with supreme royalty and remarkable land scape, Abu Dhabi is a city that makes you do not want to leave.

Reason #7. Food


No tour is complete without memorable tastes. The rich cuisine of Abu Dhabi that has strong Islamic and Arabian roots with a unique taste is indeed one of the main reason you should choose Abu Dhabi as your next holiday destination. When you visit Abu Dhabi, unforgettable taste memories from the finest ‘Hummus’ to stuffed camels are guaranteed.

Reason #8. Beaches


Abu Dhabi is a city known for its luxury and modernity. Yet many don’t know that it’s a destination you should pack your sunscreen and bathing suit as well. Offering you several beaches with crystal clear waters and silver white sand stretches, Abu Dhabi is a destination that pleases beach lovers.
Are you in love with pristine beaches? Then, you should not postpone visiting Abu Dhabi.

Reason #9. Shopper’s paradise


When you visit Abu Dhabi shopping malls, you can’t help but get lost in the isles.
Being a home to a long list of shopping malls Abu Dhabi is an ideal place to exercise your shopping skills. The malls that feature products ranging from clothes to electric appliances never make shopping enthusiasts cripple.

Reason #10. Night life


Despite the fact that Abu Dhabi is an Islamic city, it provides tourists with a blast every day from dusk to dawn. Anyone looking for an amazing night life will find a city with lights that do not second to Vegas which make it a perfect reason to visit Abu Dhabi.
The city is scattered with hotels, bars, dance and jazz clubs and lounges –meaning you can toast your drinks high and party all night.
Ready to explore Abu Dhabi in your next trip abroad? Then, we are happy to plan your Abu Dhabi tour for you for an unforgettable holiday experience. Contact us today for more information.